Dive through the entrance hole, fight your way up, over and through the bars, up the first rock climb wall, down the slide (YOU ARE AHEAD) crawl through the barrel, up and over the wall, elbow through the vertical poles…… crash down the wall, up, up, up over the 2nd rock climb wall…..slide down, scramble out!! The Turbo Rush is a must have for any team building event, team party and a whole lot more! Our Turbo Rush 360 Obstacle Course blows away other 360 courses in every way. This course packs a punch! The Turbo Rush offers 10 intense challenging obstacles in each 80′ run lane. At 20′ High, it also has the tallest slide of any 360 courses on the market. It’s a heart-pounding, blood-pumping race to the finish line. Great for school, church, corporate, or team building events. This 3 piece unit can be used in multiple combinations.

Length: 40 ft

Width: 26 ft

Height: 20 ft

$500/4 Hour Rental