1. Does Fun Zone Outdoors rent for outdoor parties and if so what do we provide?
Yes, we provide inflatables for 4-hour rental periods for outdoor parties and events. We have jumpers, slides, dunk tank, water slides and games, train, etc.… Due to our large inventory, we can accommodate most outdoor parties and multiple events at different timeframes!

2. Do I have to come pick up the jumper myself, the last guy made us do that?
We do the setup and pick up, we want the customer and attendees to enjoy the party as much as possible.

3. How do I book my event and how soon do I need to book it?
Always feel free to call and book at any time over the phone. The sooner the better during the summertime, we have some customers book months in advance and some the day before. To ensure your party rental, we advise two weeks beforehand as a minimum. Call 731-474-1092 and ask for availability of the unit to book ASAP.

4. Is a deposit required?
On our water slides and larger rentals, we will need a $50 deposit to lock in your party rental. The balance is due and payable on the day of your party. We accept cash, check or credit card as forms of payments. If it rains the day of the deposit will be refunded or used for your next rental.

5. Is there an additional charge to have us supervise the party jumpers during the rental period?
There is an additional charge for labor, we charge $15/hr when my employees need to stay and supervise.

6. What are the general rules while jumping so I can tell the party guests?
Great question, the main ones we like to focus on are no shoes, paint/chalk, food or drink inside or near the inflatables. Guests prohibited from jumping would be: anyone wearing a cast or medical device, anyone with a backpack or purse or anything in pockets to damage the unit.

7. Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?
For insurance purposes, the party host will be the only one to sign a general release form and a waiver stating they have read the rules and acknowledging someone will be supervising the kids at all times while in the jumper.

8. Does Fun Zone Outdoors rent tables and chairs or tents?
We don’t carry any of those supplies for parties but plan to expand in the future!

9. Do we have a snow cone and popcorn machine?
Yes, we have both to rent out for your party event. Supplies are extra on top of the rental price.

10. How many kids can jump inside the inflatable at once?
The general rule is 8 to 10 kids at one time with 10 being the max compacity.

11. Does it matter if we want the inflatable set up on grass, gravel or concrete?
We only set up on grass or concrete, gravel has been known to damage our jumpers beyond repair.

12. What happens if it starts to storm during our party?
Please DO NOT let the jumper down or turn it off! Letting the jumper down will cause it to take on water, contact myself or my team ASAP if rain, lightning/thunder or strong winds begin.

13. What happens if my party lasts longer than 4 hours?
If the inflatable is needed longer than 4 hours the customer will be charged an additional amount-based a per/hr basis.